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Scarlet, Red, and rust are the lucky color for them, Tuesday is their lucky day and having their lucky number is the 8, 11, 18, 22, they have the greatest strength due to the sensitivity. Having the good control over the destiny. Be aware of the feeling of the crossed. If someone come on their temper way they become very plenty of the room. Scorpio symbolize the Scorpio and that is not the accident having the actions towards their goal as the Scorpio adapted.

Let know more about the Scorpio. They are not aggressive and stimulate rather generally thoughtful. As Scorpio month are October and November, Scorpio-born is able to discern when assertive people in their problems. They dislike the massive people, dishonest and revealing.

Since Scorpio born persons are pretended as well as powerful so they acquire any goal successfully. Having consciousness over the work or task. The corporation is the main cause of their stubborn for their surrounding people. Having the trend of the passionate towards the friends and others. Besides having the harness.

Sometimes in the health of the stomach, the stone is present in their bladder. Having short neck, Sensuous but thin lips, and thick brown hair. They are willed and mysterious persons. One can conclude that they have some positive as well as negative traits there are some positive and negative traits that are discussed below:.

Focused: They are a very focused person if they have the desired goal it is impossible to divert their path. Brave: They never fear from the difficult or complicated situation.

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Their head on regarding the failures or setbacks. Faithful: They are very faithful is evolved when they are trustworthy. Ambitious: They gave the power, position as well as money which makes them ambitious. Balance: Passionate and jovial is the great positive traits. They prefer the company of the Scorpio.

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Jealous: They sometimes become very jealousy and this does not impact on the relationship but upsets the mind. Secretive: They do not believe others which are the cause of their secretive. Resentful: since thy are very sensitive and easily hurt by the negative treatment and comment. Scorpio weaknesses are not for longer time, they figure out soon and start to work on it. Scorpio woman is very sexist as well as very mysterious of the 12 sign. Having extraordinarily permeance, having a spiritual experience.

Scorpio woman never being helpless and creature in their imaginations. When something is not going in her world she becomes upset as well as sad Especially when she do not controls some situation. She is tremendousness. She wants a fine leader which can be connected from her emotions.

This makes them a better boss become other boss do not worried about their worker or employ. She always remembers the good things that have done by the underlings as well as bad. Everyone wants to date and meet her and wins them as a partner but she always thinks it is time wasting and betrays the trust of people.

She wants to associate with other but someone tries to harm. Scorpio trait female always thinks positive so it is very difficult to divert from their goal. She never being misunderstood and whenever she knows about it she becomes upset. The celebrity woman overreacted in the interviews because she does not want any gossip may be held.

Sometimes Scorpio girl thinks about himself high and she wants other also thinks on her way. She has the strength to handle the wicked person which do the foolishness. She likes the clear ending and beginning, without gray areas. Sometimes she has the deadly beautiful personality due to destructive. They have the anything personality bunt it must be delicate.

He is more independence than other zodiac sign.

He wants to handle their own life. He is not one which listens others and obeys their orders. He did not like that someone knows more about them. He is incredibly curious to learn everyone and every thing but they generally like these things out of his own. They are the master of question that are both sharp and penetrating. Since they are intellectual and having the efficiency to produce the strategy with a indulges quickly in any conditions or circumstances.

Scorpio trait male gives their answer to the face and comes to his own conclusions. They have the ability to control the situations and lives in the life of own determinations. They sometimes are rituals.

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He does not live under the rocks and keep their secrets in the complex under and do not shows even in the friendliness. Due to their friends, they achieve the goal and they prove them as a king, Loyal. Attempt to close to some people but someone wants to away due to their resentment and persistent. They are passionate and dedicated. They sometimes become serious if something goes to wrong. He is vulnerable and wiser person. Once he defeated the binding the time and obtained the another opportunity.

He has the long term memories and imagined. He is hard working and enjoys the fruits whatever he meets in the labor. They are very romantic and take care. They can do anything for their lovers. They possess a lot of prestigious for their goodwill compare the couple. Let discuss some more compatibility and find out best Scorpio matches :.

Scorpio Decans

This is the very great and incredible relationship and having two strong personalities. Since they both signs are different so their combination is exciting as well as inspirational. The bond between them is unbreakable. Learn about Scorpio baby's profile. The decans of Scorpio The first decan begins on 24th October and ends on 3rd November. It is ruled by Mars. Those born in the first decan are generally combative, full of energy and bold. The second decan begins on the 4th November and ends on the 14th November.

This is ruled by the Sun and the planet Mars, which sometimes makes those born in this decan confused and incoherent: sometimes they can be discreet and then proud. The third decan starts on 15 November and ends on 22 November. It is ruled by Mars and Venus, which give it passion. Those born in this decan also excel in the Arts.

Learn more about the Scorpio rising sign. Horoscopes for Scorpio You will find all the links to consult quickly your different horoscopes for the sign of Scorpio: - Daily horoscope for Scorpio - Monthly Horoscope for Scorpio - Seasonal Horoscope for Scorpio - Yearly Horoscope for Scorpio Personality and Profile of Scorpio A person born under the sign of Scorpio is a whole person, sensual and passionate, who uses all his or her power to charm and captivate that significant Other.

Who is your baby? Discover it quickly through our analysis " Astro Baby Scorpio Profile " This Water sign is particularly attracted by anything that seems mysterious, secret and even unattainable. The more difficult the goal to attain, the more formidable the passionate approach and the greater the stake. Scorpio are capable of anything to achieve their ends. They know how to use all their wiles to achieve their ultimate goal, being prepared to lie and manipulate. More than anything else, they hate being betrayed or abandoned.

Scorpio compatibility

This is probably why they are on the outlook for The One, the person who can offer them the life of their dreams, so they can be happy. Scorpio like using their natural magnetism to make themselves liked and accepted. They are very good at the art of secrecy. This is a wilful, strong, cunning and mysterious personality.

Scorpio use all their senses to live life to the full and can frequently change direction during their course of life. They are alert to anything that thrills them or that makes them feel alive. They go through periods of intense happiness and periods of doubt. They can also break out at any moment and it is better to be forewarned. Scorpio therefore demand fidelity in love.

Be prepared to rescue them when they need it, as these are not necessarily the ones you would expect to be able to stand up to the cold, heat, fasting or even radiation! However, they know better than anyone else how to how to manage conflict and can get moving if they need to.

Scorpio Second Decan (November 3rd - 12th)

These are passionate individuals who take everything in their stride. They can cope with opposing feelings and situations at the same time: love and hate; sadness and happiness; disputes and harmony! Strengths of Scorpio Scorpio are discreet and can keep a secret for life, making them very considerate friends, who are always prepared to listen.

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Their friends and family can have absolute confidence in them. To know everything about your assets, your potential, your qualities " the qualities of Scorpio "! Weaknesses of Scorpio Scorpio are wary and do not automatically trust other people. This is a fault that so often works against them, they have a reputation for being difficult to gauge. They are pathologically jealous. They are capable of self-destructive behaviour, when feeling under threat or upset by a situation, but this is often unintentional.

Scorpio, do not overlook all your defects with our article" Scorpio defects "! Particular Symbols of Scorpio Sorpios are possessive and demand exclusivity from others! They are lively, passionate and charismatic! Career of Scorpio Scorpio at work are determined and obstinate. They will feel in their element carrying out tasks involving minute detail and secrecy. Professionally speaking, they can be trusted, discretion being one of their strong points.

Differences between Male and Female Scorpio Female Scorpio have great charisma, attracting looks from all around!