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According to the Jaimini system of prognostication, when Janma Lagna , Hora Lagna and Ghatika Lagna are simultaneously aspected by a planet, the person becomes a ruler or one equal to him Sutra I. A powerful Raja yoga is caused if at the time of birth, Chandra lagna , Navamsa lagna and Drekkana lagna and the 7th house from these three are aspected by one planet Sutra I. Jaimini states that if out of the six lagnas , viz.

Suryanarain Rao in his commentary on this sutra tells us that if an exalted planet occupies the Arudha lagna or the Moon, Jupiter and Venus occupy the Arudha lagna and there are no obstructive argalas but only beneficial ones, the person will attain to royal position. If the 2nd, 4th and 5th become equal in strength etc. If to the lord of the lagna or to the lord of 7th, the 5th house is occupied by Jupiter, Venus or the Moon, the person becomes a high Government official and wields political power.

If the lord of the lagna aspects the lagna and if the lord of the Karaka lagna aspects that lagna , the person will have very good Raja yogas. Jupiter situated in the Karakamsa i.

Raj Yog - Find Out If You Have a ’Raj Yog’ in Your Horoscope

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Simple but Most powerful Raj yogas | Nikhil’s World

Slokas Notable Horoscopes. If this Yoga is formed in anyone's the birth-chart, it will be very auspicious and lucky for him. This Yoga blesses a person with respect, honor, wealth and prosperity. Neechbhang Raj Yoga When a debilitated planet is placed in a sign whose sign-lord is exalted or in a Kendra house then it is called the Neechbhanga Rajyoga.

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  4. What Does Raj Yoga In Birth Chart Signify?.
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For instance, if Jupiter is debilitated in the sign Capricorn, but the lord of Capricorn Saturn is exalted, then its malefic effects get canceled. As a result, Neechbhang Raj Yoga is formed. The husband of the girl who has this yoga in her birth-chart will be wealthy and respected in the society. Rajya Poojit Raj Yoga is formed, when during the birth of a girl child a benefic planet is placed in the seventh house in a neutral sign and is aspected by or in conjunction with another benefic planet.

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What is Raja yoga in your kundali and what is its impact on life? - Astrology

Jupiter and Moon are considered auspicious for Cancer ascendants. Another point to note here is that the presence of Mars and Moon in the ninth or tenth house is considered auspicious.

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  4. What Does Raj Yoga In Birth Chart Signify??
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If both these planets are in the ninth or tenth house, it leads to the formation of Raj Yoga. Consult our expert astrologers, who would give a detailed prediction about your future prospects. Dussehra, the festival which celebrates the victory of good over evil is celebrated on the 10th day of the Shukla Paksha of the month of Ashvin. This year, it falls on October 8. After the days of festivities and fun Navratri come to an end, Durga Visarjan is performed.