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In the best case scenario, they share freely what the other needs and become complementary. Because Cancer and Capricorn are cardinal leader signs, there's a risk of two alphas clashing.

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Sometimes it works, because Cancer is willing to yield in stand-offs. Being aware of each one's contribution can ease power struggles when there is respect. Dating is serious business for Cancer and Capricorn, and out of their shared reserve, something special can be created.

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Cancer is impressed by the ambitious plans of Capricorn, whose focus on career appeals to the Crab's need for stability. Reserved Capricorn warms up in Cancer's homey feel, and nurturing ways. Both are considered traditional and looking for enduring love, which may mean an extended courtship.

They're looking for a sure thing, someone to marry histories with since both often see themselves rooted in their family lineage. Cancer draws out the snugly bear of the Capricorn, and they'll likely spend many evenings at home. The Goat needs a partner that respects their full-on commitment to achieving worldly success. Cancer supports the Goat by creating a loving home environment, and quietly pursuing their own ambitions, as well.

Together they create a formidable pair, with a felt power that's more than the sum of its parts.

Best Matches

Outsiders may sense the chemistry, knowing there's something solid there. This can be interesting when the Capricorn is the woman, and Cancer the man. Both share a love of having a place in society, of belonging, and building up a sense of community. Conflicts can arise in this relationship if Cancer seems too crabby or Libra seems too provocative.

Cancer Compatibility

Both need to learn that they simply view the world in different ways. Cancer and Libra are both Cardinal Signs. Both are initiators, which can, when their ideas and approaches differ, be quite a struggle. Their mutual appreciation of stability and domestic balance. Aesthetics matter to them, and they share a love of the comforts in life. Their similar tastes and loves make theirs a relationship of great dedication and harmony.

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