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The Book of Formation , written by Abraham the Patriarch more than 4, years ago, reveals that Saturn is responsible for distractions, diseases, death, imprisonment, poverty, disgrace, shame and the many other obstacles that plague our lives.

Capricorn is an earth sign, with a strong connection to the material world. People born in this month have a strong need for financial security.

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They believe only in what their five senses convey and have trouble seeing beyond the apparent. Capricorn represents the Right Column of the earth signs, which signifies that its internal energy is water. This translates into the Capricorn's helpful and caring character. Capricorns are family-oriented and have strong ties to the home.

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They are great caretakers who can often lack faith in the Creator because they are easily controlled by physical forces. They fear what tomorrow might bring and a potential lack of funds for survival.

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These fears keep many Capricorns from becoming more spiritual. Those born in Capricorn are traditionally reliable, responsible, caring, thrifty, and punctual. After all, time is money! They make excellent business people, accountants, engineers, attorneys, and thrive in any disciplinary position, from crossing guard to drill sergeant. The letter Ayin created Capricorn and the letter Bet created Saturn.

The combination of Ayin and Bet is the level of Chochmah. Capricorn is one of the three hardest months of the year, but thanks to the holiday of Chanukah , which extends itself to the first two days of Tevet , we do receive an injection of Light that can sustain us through the month. Mature, responsible, reliable, tenacious, practical, hardworking, disciplined, dependable, flair for business, trustworthy, lawful, stable, kind, helpful, sees obstacles as challenges to be overcome. Put yourself in the other person's shoes.

Fear of lacking security, so constantly pursues making more and more money. Be as charitable and generous as possible, to the point of ridiculous sharing. Hard to share with others because feels they should work to earn what they get.