Virgo virgo moon compatibility

For them, the routine is the thing, and many are admired for their consistent discipline from day to day. I've observed with this Moon a lot of issues around eating, digestion and personal boundaries. If there are hard aspects Pluto, Saturn to the Moon, there could be a lot of micro-managing of the child by the parent. This could make an emotional mark, and show up in things like eating disorders later.

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  • Virgo Sun Aries Moon – Personality, Compatibility.

This Moon has a sensitive nervous system, and if he or she grows up with trauma, there could be a lot of phobias that follow them into adulthood. Virgo's Dark Side is expressed with those extremes of worry and hypochondria. The Virgo Moon can sometimes retreat into a loop of activity, that others would find claustrophobic. It's only unhealthy if it's a defense against change and the possibility of feeling overwhelmed. By looking at the Moon's House position , you'll see where this physical atennae is attuned.

You can be the canary in the coal mine, and pickup on toxins or discord before others do. But some use this sensitivity as a healer, sensing what others need as a physician, parent, herbalist or physical therapist. You may be on the front lines, in the quest to clean up the work place, your home or the culture from degradation or toxic influences.

Those with Moon in Virgo are happiest when at home in their own skin, which so often comes from having a healthy regimen. But this goes beyond exercising to include things like solitary walks to clear the mind, and time spent writing in a journal. When Virgoan qualities inhabit the Moon, these routines become a daily emotional need.

Other habits that exercise their active minds might be doing crossword puzzles, reading the morning paper or getting lost in books. But even a seemingly healthy routine can become an obsession, and psychic guard against the forces of chaos. Luckily, Virgo is a mutable sign , and are flexible and open to change, if they're not too highly strung with anxieties or "what ifs.

Virgo Moon Sign

If Virgo Moon can show more warmth and appreciation, this union can last. Virgo Moon needs Leo Moon to be less jolly as they can find it a bit pretentious and downright embarrassing. Virgo Moon can be too conservative for flamboyant Leo Moon. Virgo Moon with Virgo Moon is a match between two minds who think alike.

Sun in Virgo

They share the same strength as well as the same weaknesses. They both tend to focus on problems and mistakes than success, so this combination can become double trouble. They do understand each other, however, they must learn to focus on the positives, and not worrying so much.

If they learn to support each other in a positive way, instead of nagging each other, this can be a very fruitful and happy relationship. Virgo Moon with Libra Moon can be a challenging match and it will need some adjustments from both parts. Virgo wants perfection in the details and in the environment, while Libra wants perfect harmony and balance in communication and how you work together.

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Libra moon will often feel Virgo moon is controlling and too judgemental. Virgo moon can often feel they have to live up to very high standards of behavior and appearance. Both Libra moon and Virgo moon tend to want to be reasonable when dealing with problems. Virgo moon can have more extreme opinions than Libra Moon, and Virgo moon tends to want to correct others who they believe are wrong.

Libra moon is more likely to see both sides of a situation and can understand others point of views. Virgo moon is much more stubborn, which can annoy Libra moon.

Virgo Sun Pisces Moon – Personality, Compatibility

Virgo Moon with Scorpio Moon is a union between rational and emotional. Virgo Moon tends to be careful and restraint, while Scorpio Moon tends to be emotional and dramatic. Scorpio Moon thrives on the highs and lows of emotional intensity, while Virgo Moon can often find it difficult to deal with emotionally intense situations. For this relationship to thrive, Scorpio Moon must work on not needing to stir up emotional storms as they make Virgo Moon very uncomfortable.

Also, Scorpio Moon tends to criticize, something that often hurts Virgo Moon to the core. Virgo Moon with Sagittarius Moon is a match between two very different people. Virgo Moon is precise, punctual, and orderly, while Sagittarius Moon enjoys taking risks and is not concerned with details.

Virgo Moon Compatibility

Sagittarius Moon often exaggerates, while Virgo Moon is very factual. Sagittarius Moon could, on the other hand, feel Virgo Moon is too controlling.

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Virgo Moon with Capricorn Moon is a very compatible match as they both care about security, loyalty, work, and responsibility. They do tend to sacrifice their emotional needs so this relationship can become a bit dry, and they both can benefit from relaxing more and having more fun. Faithfulness is very much important to both Virgo Moon and Capricorn Moon so they feel very comfortable and safe with one another.

Good Traits

Virgo Moon with Aquarius Moon is a match between two people who are very different. Virgo Moon enjoys routine while Aquarius Moon enjoys shaking things up, especially a shake-up against convention. Virgo Moon focuses on self-improvement while Aquarius Moon focuses on social improvement. Virgo Moon likes the conventional, while Aquarius Moon is unconventional. Virgo Moon is also more introspective and practical than Aquarius Moon. Aquarius Moon tends to think of humanity rather than the individual.

To camouflage their differences they can end up trying to please each other too much, which can create a draining relationship. Virgo Moon with Pisces Moon is a match that can be either really good or really bad, depending on what both parts are focusing on. Both can be moody and pessimistic, and they need to look for the positives and they need to learn how to work together. Virgo Moon is reliable and hard working, dealing with the physical, while Pisces can be unreliable, disorganized, and dealing with the more metaphysical. They both tend to be quite introspective. Once they learn to work together, they can have a very harmonious and smooth life.

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