Magi astrology chiron aspects

Most importantly the Earth Moon is trine Jupiter , one of the best aspects to have in the chart of a new enterprise. The show was cancelled but the concept and the characters lived on.

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This month we have a Presidential election race coming to a head that is possibly the most dispiriting, embarrassing and unpleasant of modern times. His reputation has been maligned and attacks by the media and fellow Republicans have gone off the rails.

Planetary Symbolisms

It all boils down to which campaign chart has the best overall chart. On Election Day transiting Chiron will be applying to a quincunx to the Trump campaign chart Jupiter , a favorable Cinderella aspect. In geocentric, his progressed chart has several Cinderella alignments. In her personal chart, Clinton has a progressed Sun parallel Jupiter and quincunx to Pluto which is favorable for winning the election. However, she also has a long term T square of Saturn, Chiron and Ceres in heliocentric progressions which is not favorable for gaining or holding positions in public office or being in charge of matters that involve public trust.

It also does not help that progressed Neptune is square her progressed Sun —those health problems and allergies are a real thing. One thing to keep in mind is that the Democratic Party is a well-oiled machine that puts a decided spin on everything released to the media and effectively manipulates public perception.

Applied Magi Astrology

The Republican Party on the other hand is splintered into factions and practically dysfunctional. This election is about the parties themselves as well as the candidates. The United States will continue to function no matter who becomes President. The Presidential office has been described as having become overly powerful and dictatorial during the past 8 years while manipulative, power-hungry Pluto and erratic, rebellious Uranus formed the T-Square with the U.


We now have a compassionate and gentle Neptune trine to the natal Sun in place that should bring our country back on track. Juno is square the Sun of the U. Artwork Credit: Alphonse Mucha — This Czechoslovakian Art Nouveau artist became famous in the fin de siecle period after his poster of actress Sarah Bernhardt became a sensation.

His work often celebrates the beauty of women. His posters and artwork are colorful, sensual, filled with detail and rich with symbolism. Astrology Tweets. Follow magibette. Cinderella Times. Symbolisms of the Planets.

Download Free EBook. Yet, it failed dismally and was withdrawn from production within 2 years. Since every planet ruled different parts of our lives, until we were able to learn about all of the planets, astrologers were in the dark about many areas of life.

Planetary Symbolisms

It wasn't until that Uranus was finally discovered. Neptune's discovery followed in Pluto is the last planet to be discovered in With the discovery of each new planet, astrologers were able to make quantum leaps in our abilities. However, even after the discovery of these three new planets, astrologers were still struggling whenever we had to make predictions on matters of love and marriage. This was due to the fact that astrology still had not yet discovered the "planet" that governed the soulmate, the spouse, children born in marriage, marriage itself and lifelong love.

On November 1, , Chiron was discovered. Chiron is a comet-like asteroid that orbits the Sun between Saturn and Neptune. Although Chiron is not a planet like Mars and Venus, Chiron has the most profound astrological influences and therefore, Chiron is an "astrological planet. Chiron has monumental importance for astrology because it is the "planet" that rules marriage, spouses, soulmates, and children born in marriage as well as karmic ties.

In , the Magi Society concluded the most extensive research into the astrology of personal relationships.


The research resulted in conclusive evidence that Chiron is the most important "astrological planet" when it comes to matters of love. Because of this long awaited discovery, astrologers can now finally do what it never could do before.

Soulmate Astrology: How to meet your Soulmate using astrology

For the first time ever, astrologers can actually accurately answer questions about love such as:. Whom will you marry?