Horoscope for today january 19

The past reemerges in some way today. Maybe you're just feeling sentimental. If so, it's a good day to look through old letters or photo albums. If your nostalgia is sweet, then enjoy it. But if it makes you melancholy, turn your focus firmly toward the present. Today marks the start of a new personal cycle for you, so resolve to move forward in your life. It's a whole new day. Emotions swamp you today. You're always devoted to the people you love, but now that feeling swells tenfold.

Your family seems especially dear to you, and being at home has never felt more comfortable or secure. Even if you have to work, spend some time on the couch or in the kitchen, or call an old, dear friend and catch up on what's been happening in both your lives. You're quietly, calmly invigorated today, which is perfect for tending to matters at home or reconnecting with good friends.

You can get a lot accomplished in these personal realms, especially if you stay on task. Here's a prediction: In just a day or two, your house will be cleaner, you'll have reached out to a loved one over the phone or in person, and you'll be feeling pretty good about your life. A sentimental, self-indulgent mood settles in.

You may be tempted to worship at the altar of your kitchen -- cakes, cookies and ice cream, oh, my! And a certain amount of indulgence is certainly in order on a quiet afternoon at home. Just make sure you aren't eating extra calories to fill an emotional void. If there are feelings in your heart that need addressing, air them in your journal or with a friend. Privacy matters a great deal to you in general, and today it's paramount to your sense of comfort.

Thank goodness it's a good day for holding the world at arm's length and holing up at home. You feel serene and in touch with your emotional centre, ready and willing to protect yourself and anyone else you love. Spend the day fortifying your connection with yourself or a treasured friend. If you're still feeling a little cranky today, keep on waiting out this mood as gracefully as possible.

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You can find a great pastime that you all can enjoy together. A piece of gossip could stun you, but say little until you internalize the message. A partner or close friend adds magic to your day. Tonight: Let the evening unfold on its own. You need to be more responsive to an older friend. You cannot keep putting this person on the back burner.

January 19

Expect to open up a conversation that might explain why you behave the way you do with him or her. You also might decide to skip the conversation. Tonight: Share news. Defer to a loved one who often has unique ideas. In some way, you are likely to learn from each other and broaden your horizons because of the friendship. You might want to get together soon, if not today. Tonight: Where there is great music and you don't need to talk too much.

One-on-one relating dominates your thoughts and choices. Make plans with a special person rather than daydreaming about him or her. You will find it more rewarding in the long run.

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Use care with a financial matter. You could feel slighted in some way. Tonight: Be a duo. A key person asks you to join him or her in making plans. You can't say "no. You act and feel freer than you have in a long while. Your interactions seem less stilted as well. Tonight: Spontaneity rules.

Daily Astrology Horoscope: January 19 - Just Relax!

If you pace yourself, you'll get a lot done. Do not ignore what you must do. Just clear it out ASAP so that it doesn't nag you anymore. You could be very happy with a loved one afterward. You put all your efforts into relationships. As such, failure in your relationship can be a big disappointment. Also, you tend to guard your relationships rather jealously.

Though you are prone to falling in love at a tender age, you should have the presence of mind to wait until you are ready for marriage. This way, you will make a good parent and spouse. You are highly compatible with either a Virgo or a Taurus. Your vision of life is very much in tandem with that of these two Earth signs.

Also, you can do very well in a relationship with a fellow Capricorn and a Cancer.

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The charts indicate that you are least compatible with anyone born under the Sagittarius sign. Try not to get into a serious relationship with them! Without a doubt, you have strong, realistic and practical skills. Those you meet will readily admit that you are inspiring, affectionate and ingenious.

As a January 19 zodiac person, you can put your traits to very good use. Support those who come to you for help. Indeed, you have the capacity to do so! Use your many abilities to help your community realize its communal aspirations. You tend to create conditions conducive for others to do their best.

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You readily respond to the needs of the world around you. This is good for the common aspirations. You can enhance this further by keeping the company of people whose interests align with yours. The charts indicate that you are an accommodating individual. You are known for your calmness and good poise.

These traits can come in handy in a crisis. You can use your collected nature to reassure your friends and colleagues. This could be all that your team needs to diffuse a potentially dangerous situation. However, January 19 zodiac people must be keen to avoid some flaws of character. They are cynical when it comes to matters of enjoyment and fun. This makes them seem uptight. Their more fun-loving friends may not be able to relate with them well.

Also, they have an authoritarian streak in them. They want things done in their way. Sometimes they do not accept suggestions and divergent opinions. To avoid these pitfalls, try to be aware of what is going on in your environment.

pierreducalvet.ca/38226.php Be patient with others, and listen to their suggestions. You will be pleasantly surprised at the good results this will bring! The January 19 Zodiac people are in the 3rd decan of Capricorn. This decan represents all those born between January 12 and January