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Despite its size, the overall density of Antares is less than one-millionth that of the sun. Antares is also relatively cool as stars go, only about 6, degrees Fahrenheit 3, degrees Celsius compared to 10, F 5, C for the photosphere of the sun.

The star's low temperature accounts for its ruddy color. The word "Antares" means "anti-Ares" or "anti-Mars," likely because astronomers in ancient times thought the reddish star looked similar to the red planet. The planet, in fact, can sometimes get close to Antares in the Red Planet's travels across the night sky. In Egypt, Antares was a symbol of the goddess Selkit who is often referred to as the Scorpion Goddess. The star is so bright that it washed out its fainter companion, meaning that Antares B was not discovered until well into the telescopic age.

According to NASA, the star has eaten all its hydrogen and is now shining because it is fusing progressively heavier elements.

Behenian fixed star

Time-exposure pictures of the region around Antares reveal an unusually colorful area of gas : yellow, blue and red are all prominent in pictures from the Royal Observatory in Edinburgh and the Anglo-Australian Observatory. Additionally, the area has several other objects crowding the field of view: the nebula gas cloud Rho Ophiuchi and M4, a globular cluster or collection of stars. You can calculate the movements by adding approximately 50 arc-seconds of a degree per year to the position of the star as listed.

The table up to epoch is now complete with some new additions, though there are some minor named stars that I have not as yet included. You can see the old version here. William Lilly, ]. For an even more comprehensive analysis of the Fixed Stars and their effects, check out this detailed website by Anne Wright: Constellations of Words. William Lilly. Astronomy Facts Non-astrological selection of current scientific facts off-site. Click to tell your friends about this page! Privacy Policy. Click to Find It Quick! AstroScope Me! Is Astrology Scientific?

Rob Tillett, the author of this article, is a poet, astrologer and musician. As well as being a magician, healer, dramatist and composer, he is the editor and publisher of AstroScope Me and has written many of the articles on this website. This article examines the influence of the Fixed Stars, with a comprehensive table of their year and position and the character of their effects.

William Lilly Astronomy Facts Non-astrological selection of current scientific facts off-site. Constellations The Fixed Stars The Fixed Stars were so called by the ancients to distinguish them from the Planets , or Wanderers , which are heavenly bodies moving perceptibly across the sphere of the Zodiac. Ptolemy and Lilly Ptolemy in Tetrabiblos I:9 declares that the stars are given natures according to their similarities to planetary influences. Orb of Aspect Despite the foregoing, the allowed orb for fixed stars is a matter of some dispute among astrologers.

Movement of Stellar Positions due to Precession It's now been more than ten years since I first drew up this page. The strength and efficacy of the Fixed Stars is to be considered from their magnitude, their splendours, their natures or properties, their nearness to the Ecliptic, their place in the World, their multitude, their first oriental appearance, the purity of their place, the similitude or agreement of the body or rays of a Planet with them and their circle of position. Laziness, self destruction, nervousness, illness, inhibitions, loss. Tail of Cetus the Whale.

Ambition, vanity, intuition, enthusiasm, bad judgment. Wingtip of Pegasus the Winged Horse. Gravity, sternness, judgement, severe trials, poetry, drama. Grace, popularity, independence, honours; freedom, love of movement, speed; strong motivation; fame.

Head of Andromeda. Isolation, depression, accidents, emigration, shipwrecks. Belly of Cetus the Whale. Kings, rulers, judges; head injury, decapitation, severe wounds; cruel trials; talent for acting, writing, entertaining. Preparedness, steadiness, success through determination. In cord near Tail of Northern Fish.

Merciless, uncaring, dispenser of punishment; mercenary; hideous death when afflicted by Mars; blindness; weakness. M31 Andromeda spiral nebula mg 3. Good fortune through marriage, beauty, love, talent; intuition, brilliance, creativity, generosity; inspires others, loves home. Girdle of Andromeda on left hip.

Birth Chart: Georges Antares (Scorpio)

Well aspected: prudence, perseverance, versatility, progressive, problem-solving. Poorly placed: failures, fiascos, enmity, melancholy, suicide. An eclipsing binary, its variability ranges from invisible to mg 2. In necklace of Cetus. Astrology, mysticism, writing; serious demeanour combined with joie-de-vivre; requires moderation.

Saturn Eridanus , "The River", traverses several Signs. Haughtiness, boastfulness, exaggerated pride; commands respect. Disease, throat trouble, disgrace, ruin, injury from beasts, unjustified enmities; sudden emergence of deep unconscious issues.

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Find treasure; retain captives; commerce; mercy; spiritual blessing. Love of knowledge, science, much travel, many changes, position of authority, accidents at sea, drowning influence of Eridanus. Primitive male sexual energy; penetrating; ruthless; adventurous; dishonest; mass effects, esp. M34 Perseus Cluster C red mg 4. A pulsating, eclipsing double-star also associated with extreme creativity; an expression of the Dark Side More on Caput Algol.

Pulsating double-star, like a winking eye. Accidents, blindness, violence, homosexuality, feminine power. Group of 7 stars in shoulder of Bull refer Alcyone. M45 Pleiades Cluster B blue mg 1. Ambition, honour, glory. Trouble with opposite sex; homosexuality, disgrace. Bereavement; loss; sorrow.

The Bright Beams Of The Fixed Stars In Your Astrological Chart

Events affecting large numbers of people, especially due to meteorological phenomena. Bold, adventurous, somewhat dishonest. Scandal, violence, disgrace, imprisonment; bringer of rain. Weapons of the Gods. A nebulous cluster of 7 stars in the face of the Bull. A Royal Star. The archangel Michael, the Watcher of the East. Eloquence, high honours, integrity, popularity, courage, war mongering, agitation; danger, loss, violent death. Currents of Fate, fluctuating emotions, irreversible changes to rhythm of life, sense of oblivion.

Adroit mind, public service, magistrate, judge. Country life, education of young people; fickle love; storms at sea. Cowardice, early death, possibly suicide.

A deceptive exterior. Violent storms, esp. High position, studious, sharp mind, good memory. Good fortune, depending on associated planets. A double star, the westernmost star in Orion's belt, the first to rise. Luck, fortune, success, quarrels, headstrong; weapons of war; point of attack. Brief fame, quick temper, scandal. Central star of Orion's belt.

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Notoriety, good fortune, lasting happiness. A triple star, the easternmost in Orion's belt. Ruin, disgrace, violent death, esp. Danger of earthquakes if associated with solar eclipse. Overconfidence, pride, shamelessness, violence, eminence, manifest intelligence. Force, energy, power, protection; manifest intelligence; cultural development.

The fixed stars hold the key to precise chart interpretation

Good qualities, charitable, faithful; dangerous passions; "The Roarer", announcing the rising of Sirius; "The Announcer", with Gomeisa. Acute sensitivity, creative imagination, artistic skills, writing, injuries to feet. Hunting, besieging towns, the revenge of princes, trouble, disgrace, sickness, loss of fortune, affliction, danger to knees. Craft, ingenuity, valour. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. January Learn how and when to remove this template message.

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The Antares Codex

New millennium astrological chart.